Why You Need a Lawyer

It is true that the Social Security Administration does not require disability claimants to have an attorney, but it makes an already difficult process much easier if you have one. The fact is that most people get denied twice and eventually have to go to a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

At the hearing level, the burden shifts to YOU to make sure that your claim is supported by medical evidence. In other words, YOU have to provide proof in the form of medical records that you are disabled. When you’re dealing with a disability, you don’t need one more challenge to overcome. An experienced disability attorney like Robyn will be able to thoroughly evaluate your case to see what evidence you need in order to win, and she will be able to get that evidence from your doctors for you.

Then, once you get to your hearing, an experienced disability attorney will be able to argue your case for you by presenting the evidence and applying the complex Social Security regulations to the facts of your case.

Robyn has attended thousands of disability hearings, so she knows the Judges throughout Tennessee and their preferences. She will develop a custom strategy for you based on which Judge is going to hear your case. She will skillfully argue and examine witnesses on your behalf to ensure that your case is presented in the best possible manner.

Unfortunately, not everyone wins their case at the hearing level; sometimes you have to keep fighting. Robyn has extensive experience drafting and filing both Appeals Council and Federal District Court appeals and has successfully argued cases in Federal District Court.

You have worked your whole life and paid Social Security taxes in the event you become unable to work due to a medical condition. Let Robyn fight for you to get the benefits you deserve.